About me

“…like a cross between Richard Briers and Charlie Brooker…”

Unlike a lot of people I am proud to admit I was born in the great town of Grimsby and also in October 1975. After living my first five years in Great Coates and Immingham, my haphazard youth whizzed by, being dragged around the world by my parents, in and out of countries and schools, each stop-off lasting a matter of months. Goodbye Saudi! Hello Cyprus! Ah, Saudi again! Wasn’t we in Cyprus yesterday? Libya for a change? Smashing.

By the time of the “business end” of my compulsory education (ie. GCSEs and A levels), I managed to stay at King Edward VI School in Louth for just over three academic years. University beckoned and – a six month stint back home working for the Grimsby Evening Telegraph aside – I’ve resisted the lures of Manchester and That London to remain in West Yorkshire since.

If conurbations did adoption, I’d hope Bradford would put its arm around me and welcome into its family. It’s a place that isn’t perfect, but knows it’s limits, is trying to “do better”, and is a great place to live. It also reminds me (and others) of back home on a number of levels, more of which later – when I get a couple of hours to get my thoughts down.

I started working as a junior developer at sportinglife.com, working my way up and across into managing quickly, before stints at the Grimsby Telegraph and Sense Internet. I ‘settled’ for nearly nine years at Brahm, the large marketing agency in Leeds (half my time spent in the establishing team of the digital arm, the other half looking after the design and creative departments).

Boredom crept in, opportunities didn’t, so in April 2009 I took voluntary redundancy and moved on. To cut to the chase a full rundown of my career is on LinkedIn.

With a job and a young family, what little spare time I get is spent doing the crossword in the Guardian Review section, reading books, watching films, listening to indiepop, Radio 4, and the now-saved 6Music, cooking, freelance marketing work, and gardening on my veg patch. When everyone has gone to bed, I do what I can on the award-winning and highly respected Grimsby Town fanzine, Cod Almighty, set up and run with my equally talented mates. (And yes, I know the build of it is way out of date – it’s the price it’s paid for being up-to-date content-wise rather than build-wise.)

Regardless of what I’m doing I’m prone to a) dunking biscuits in tea, b) swearing, c) vitriol aimed towards the modern world and it’s fucked up fucking shitness, and d) sometimes all at the same time. Sorry about that bad language. I just couldn’t fucking help it. Most of the stuff I think but hold back from speaking is typed into Twitter.

Anyway, enough about me. What about you?

Getting in touch
I’ve no problem with you wanting to get in touch with me. Feel free to, even if it is to say “hi!”.

You can email me on simoncwilson@gmail.com or I am Twitter as IdleSi. An overview of my online channels is here at Flavors.

Obviously I’m not going to print my mobile number on the web, but, y’know, it never rings these days so the temptation for some chit-chat is strong, believe me.

ps. That quote at the top, the one about Richard Briers and Charlie Brooker: I didn’t write or say that. My mate Ste did.


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