Digital lunch for April? Simon says “no”.

A quick note to say thank you for to those who attended the digital lunch last month, and any other months you have been to a digital lunch. The events being well attended is probably the main reason I keep putting the time into them.

Due to other commitments (like eating Buttons Easter eggs, visiting Legoland, my garden, some reading/studying I need to catch up on, working on a very cool project, trying to put some time into the next Get into Gaming, a small gig at ionsearch, another very cool project, and giving my family some attention) I am unable to organise a lunch for April, but – like James Bond – I will return – and unlike James Bond – in May.

My apologies I can’t squeeze it in – just once in a while I need to spend time on me things not you things! Selfish I know. But some of those me things are creative projects that people will play with one day – and I do get paid to do that, which consequently keeps my mortgage lender happy. And making creative things keeps me happy.

In the meantime, there is a gap this month. If you think you could run your own digital lunch drop me a line and we can have a quick chat. I’d hate to see nothing happen this month, but I’d want to make sure it’s a good ‘un.

Otherwise, I’ll hopefully see you in May.

Oh, and have a happy Easter break!

ps. If you are reading this after Easter, I hope it was a good break for you. This post was written before Easter, y’see. Context and all that, yeah?


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My day job is Operations Director at Leeds based agency Bloom. No, I don't know what that means I am supposed to do.

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