searchABLE: why

A couple of people have asked what I am doing with searchABLE, a little event I am helping to put on next Monday at the Cross Keys in Leeds.

searchABLE is a reaction to the desire/whinges of a few people who are “lower down the food chain” in the Leeds search sector. Their boss won’t give them the time/money to go to events like, say, (and I’m not picking on them here, just illustrating) Think Vis and ionsearch. Those events are a hundred quid a ticket as well – to a lot of kids and kittens in the digital biz that from your own pocket is a lot of dough.

Also, we are talking about a sizeable workforce in Leeds (and the surrounding area) here. There’s nights in Leeds for Ruby, PHP, Javascript, there’s Creative Networks for, um, creatives, and the list goes on so why not try this? Given the number of people who work in Leeds search businesses it’s worth a go, to try to put a more lo-fi event on. There, in theory, should be the audience.

So, I’ve hoodwinked some of my colleagues in the sector to have a go at doing that (detail on who is over on the event’s Eventbrite page. We’re going to have a bash at putting that a right, to whatever degree. And thanks to the Cross Keys for giving us their upstairs room we can have a go at doing it for free to see if people fancy it.

It’s not a full-on conference – that’s not what this is about. It is about people who know search talking and sharing their insight and thoughts in a more intimate environment. Upstairs at the Cross Keys there’s a bar, there’s tables, there’s chairs, but there’s also a screen for the presenters to stand in front of.

The lucky few who have put their hands up to my calls are going to present on a number of search topics (there’s still room for a couple more!). And for a laugh I am going to be running SEO bingo through the event.

searchABLE might last an hour, it might stretch to two hours, and it might only happen once, but it’s a chance to get search people together and see where it goes. If it bombs, we won’t bother again. But if it works, there’s something to take forward for the city’s digital comunity – like those other events in Leeds for Ruby, PHP, Javascript and so on.

There are still tickets going (and it’s FREE remember – you’ll just need to buy drinks!) – and there’s also space for people to talk and present at. So, come along!

You can get a ticket to searchABLE by clicking here.


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