Level crossing

There is a zebra crossing just near to my workplace, on Water Lane in Leeds (above). I have to cross it every morning heading into work. I have to cross it every evening heading home. It is a zebra crossing that strikes fear into me every day, thanks to the drivers who use Water Lane.

There are times I have stood, clearly waiting for the traffic to stop – but it doesn’t. I walk onto the crossing and regularly cars on the other side of the road carry on. I have been halfway across and likewise cars have flown past behind me. Some days it’s fine – the traffic stops, I go across, no big deal. But I use this crossing ten times a week at least. I thought I was just being reactionary, but decided to record my experiences from the start of the year.

During the first five working days of this year three of the ten crossings I made were marred by impatient drivers who drove over the crossing while I was clearly still on it. Two other times drivers ignored me waiting to cross.

I am not alone in this fear. It’s an issue for a lot of pedestrians in the area. And there is no need for it to be this bad.

So, here’s a deal. Every morning, every driver that shows the courtesy to stop while I either wait to cross or while I am walking over I will thank. That’s drivers going both ways. And I will show similarly grateful gestures any other time I cross.

And if you don’t stop? I’ll do my best to not get angry, avoid injury, and get your licence plate number – and publish it online.



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My day job is Operations Director at Leeds based agency Bloom. No, I don't know what that means I am supposed to do.

One response to “Level crossing”

  1. Stuart Bruce says :

    Think you might be on dodgy legal ground, but reporting it to the local councillors so that the neighbourhood police team can do some enforcement is probably a better bet. It’s City and Hunslet ward http://democracy.leeds.gov.uk/mgMemberIndex.aspx?FN=WARD&VW=LIST&PIC=0

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