Check-in, one, two, three

A quick post and peek at some recent more interesting tips that have popped up with my recent Foursquare check-ins, tips that are a change from the usual “since you’re near to … why not …” ‘hints’ (which  started a bit of a heated debate in the panel at the recent Leeds Digital Festival digital lunch on geolocation, but that’s another story).

First a note from the Fish& crew about them not being near where I checked in – and where they had moved to. Certainly made a change from the suggestion tips touched upon above, and was actually helpful:


Next up a cheeky hint when checking at a toll bridge in Lincolnshire, which could loosely be passed off as suggesting a charitable act. Worth putting up with the pathetic phone signal to check-in:


Finally, a funny tip to the owners of where I was checking in, from someone else – which certainly portrayed some character:


Sorry. I’m not obsessed by Foursquare (even though I might have been suggesting I was recently), but I’m starting to see a little bit of helpfulness and character with my check-ins. It’s worth sharing them. I do think there’s still a massive gap before checking-in is actually something that is informative, even to the point of recommendations (or otherwise) and you garnering some degree of individuality from viewing the location pages on your mobile device. These sort of elements are a little nod in the right direction.

Hopefully 2012 I will be seeing a further increase in the level of creative usage for check-ins. I really hope so.

Are there any check-ins that have caught your attention recently?


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