They grow up so quickly (an education in photography through a decent digital camera)

It’s my daughter’s birthday the week after next. She’s very into the arts, darling. She’ll be eight. She’s very technologically adept. She loves using my getting on Sony point ‘n’ click camera. She has great fun swiping my iPhone to take a few snaps here and there. Hey!, yes my dear wife, getting her a camera is a great idea!

Except it isn’t that straight-forward.

The wife reckons “a pink Hello Kitty one” will be just right. It’s only twenty quid, which is attractive in these hard times (ie. the financial aftermath of Christmas). I looked at the camera’s spec, increasingly sniffily. Wife thinks our daughter’s young, she’s bound to break the camera, and we’ll get her a “proper” one later on.

I obviously do not agree with this.

Me, I am thinking, my daughter is not a tech-fuckwit nor is she clumsy. A camera, while not for life, should be something that you can record life with. With a decent lens. At a decent resolution. And in pink. I feel I am, we are launching my daughter into something that has given me a lot of joy over the years (with no “nudge nudge, wink wink). This must be possible at a cheap price, surely?

So I am currently Googling “pink cameras“. I am currently looking into brands I’d never have considered before, the type of brands I see out of the corner of my eye as I wander into the Asda at Pudsey. Like Vivatar and Pratika. And looking for the cheapest pink option. It has to be pink.

There’s this for 26 quid, and that for about 40 notes, and there’s also this Fujifilm Hello Kitty effort. And I’ve not even had the chance to look on eBay. I am still no closer to finding something. But it can’t be that Hello Kitty VGA monstrosity, it can’t.

I need some real world interfacing, some proper consumer experiential stuff. Hands on. Face to face. Probably with a salesperson who knows far less about cameras than I do.

So now I am off into Bradford to grumpily dismiss cameras that aren’t cheap enough and also not worthy enough of my daughter’s burgeoning talents.

Ah, fatherhood!


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My day job is Operations Director at Leeds based agency Bloom. No, I don't know what that means I am supposed to do.

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