Archive | May 2010

Flight Control

A game for the iThing that I installed a few months back and haven’t really had the chance to fully play until the past week. (It’s not the first and it won’t be the last. I trust I am not alone with this.) And now I’ve had that time for a good, proper first go it’s taken a decent chunk of my leisure time since.

Like the best iThing games the key to Flight Control success is up-front simplicity, working with the iThing’s touchscreen controls, enforcing a simple control mechanism through the device: use your finger to trace the flight paths of incoming planes, landing them without crashing. Despite its gentle learning curve, this can quickly descend into chaos, as the multiple landing spots and variable speeds of the aircraft come into play.

The graphics are sweet, providing clarity and variety for the number of ‘airfields’, each needing varying strategies to get anything near a three figure score.

If the compulsion to better your previous score (or correct a careless crash) wasn’t enough, the game adds another layer with its two player mode, a scream through Bluetooth as you quickly realise only teamwork will see you rack up a decent score, rather than trying to thwart your opponent.

And the theme tune gets into your mind, oh boy, does it get into your mind!

Great value, a nifty way to spend ten minutes sharpening your reflexes and flow process, and above all a fine example of a finely honed and accessible gameplay concept.