Digital lunch for April? Simon says “no”.

A quick note to say thank you for to those who attended the digital lunch last month, and any other months you have been to a digital lunch. The events being well attended is probably the main reason I keep putting the time into them.

Due to other commitments (like eating Buttons Easter eggs, visiting Legoland, my garden, some reading/studying I need to catch up on, working on a very cool project, trying to put some time into the next Get into Gaming, a small gig at ionsearch, another very cool project, and giving my family some attention) I am unable to organise a lunch for April, but – like James Bond – I will return – and unlike James Bond – in May.

My apologies I can’t squeeze it in – just once in a while I need to spend time on me things not you things! Selfish I know. But some of those me things are creative projects that people will play with one day – and I do get paid to do that, which consequently keeps my mortgage lender happy. And making creative things keeps me happy.

In the meantime, there is a gap this month. If you think you could run your own digital lunch drop me a line and we can have a quick chat. I’d hate to see nothing happen this month, but I’d want to make sure it’s a good ‘un.

Otherwise, I’ll hopefully see you in May.

Oh, and have a happy Easter break!

ps. If you are reading this after Easter, I hope it was a good break for you. This post was written before Easter, y’see. Context and all that, yeah?


Tell us what defines a digital age brand

A big thanks for coming to the digital lunch today on brands living online.

At the end of the lunch we asked people to follow up the event by sharing their thoughts on “What defines a brand?”

There are three ways you can let us know your definition of a brand in the digital age – and you could win a copy of the great book BrandDigital: Simple Ways Top Brands Succeed in the Digital World while doing so.

1. Email
2. Tweet using the hashtag #digitallunchbrands
3. Txt G3DXW plus your idea of a brand to 60777

We’ll pick one lucky winner before the end of this week!

Thanks – and good luck!

Thanks for the email Placement UK!

Received an email this afternoon from an organisation called Placement UK who deal in “European Student Placements”. Here’s the email:


Gemma asked for my thoughts. So here they are…

Hi Gemma,

Thanks for your email.

Personally, if you want my thoughts, I take offence at you referring to these placements as “deals”. It devalues and demeans the graduates who are looking to utilise you as a service, and these opportunities as a stepping stone to a career.

As an organisation we are already working on link ups with the universities local to our Leeds based office, and will be sure that we are suitably more sensitive than yourselves when talking to people looking at placements with us.



A couple of hours I got the following response.


I guess that’s a win in terms of me not getting any of Placement UK’s guff again – but they’re still out there, offering deals